Patricia Daley, of Boise, Idaho, is an accomplished guitarist/singer, songwriter and clever lyricist.  She blends jazz and folk into her own unique style and sound – a sound that keeps listeners engrossed 
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live performance

Pat can entertain a crowd!  She's an incredible songwriter, beautiful singer, and smooth guitarist!  Weddings, house concerts, or music at your venue!

guitar lessons

Pat Daley teaches guitar lessons in Boise.  She's helped hundreds of students improve their skills.  Patient, fun, knowledgeable.


fresh from the blog

Pool Visitors

These are the only pool visitors willing to take a dip in the fifty degree water!

New Granddaughter!

I met this little cutie in April.  I wish she lived closer!

Cat in the case

Every cat-owning guitarist knows what this is about:  

I am YOUR guitar teacher!

I am so enjoying teaching guitar to my students!  I’ve got adult students learning guitar for the very first time.  I’m also teaching adult students jazz, fingerpicking, and cool new techniques to enhance their skillset.  I’ve got senior citizens who are mostly interested in keeping their minds active and their hands busy.    I’ve got…

spent yesterday

Patricia Folkner (Daley)'s debut CD, “Spent Yesterday” was released in 2009 and is available for streaming on Apple Music and other streaming platforms.  Search for Patricia Folkner on your music app.


“This ‘do-it-yourself’ artist has ‘done it’!  Single handedly, she has created and self-produced a fine piece of work for all to enjoy!”

– Niccole Blaze of Blaze & Kelly