Recommended jazz CD's:

Some new jazz albums of mine that I just can’t stop listening to:

Cedar Walton’s “Eastern Rebellion”,  Cedar Walton & Billy Higgins “Tribute to Lee Morgan” and Curtis Fuller’s  “Blues-Ette”    <—You’ll be humming along to this one in no time!!

As you can see, I’ve become a big Cedar Walton fan.  Another new purchase I made was Cyrus Chestnut’s “Soul Food”.  And an old album I’ve resurrected…Art Farmer’s “Modern Art”.  He and Benny Golson play so lyrically together.  Awesome.

All of this music just soothes my soul.  I put the headphones on, and the world goes away.


  1. patty on October 7, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    And to add to that list, I bought a Christian McBride CD called “Inside Straight”, not realizing that it was a nod to Cedar Walton. I haven’t played it enough to get it into my head, but it an excellent set of tunes also!

    Also went back and listened to some Paul Desmond albums with Ed Bickert on guitar. Ed Bickert is an incredible comper.

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