Bug guts

July 19, 2010: We had a great trip on Saturday to Sun Valley with Steve’s mom & sister. Then on Sunday we headed to Redfish Lake Lodge for the “Music from Stanley” show. So beautiful. I’m basically a city girl, but I really appreciate the beauty of nature, as long as I don’t have to sleep in a tent and sit in the dirt.

On the way home…11:30 PM on a Sunday night, we got pulled over in Idaho City. The cop wants to know why we didn’t turn our high beams down. Wuh???? I guess there is not much for police to do in Idaho City on a Sunday night. (The high beams were on cuz we were on the lookout for those pesky deer that love to jump out of nowhere.) Well, he didn’t give us a ticket. He should have been more concerned about our windshield which was covered with bug guts so thick we could barely see out of it. We were out of the blue stuff that you squirt on your windshield. We are ALWAYS out of the blue stuff when we go on trips, because we NEVER remember to fill it up when we leave. So we usually end up buying a jug at a gas station somewhere down the road, and now we have about 8 jugs of blue stuff sitting on a shelf in our garage.

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