REAL camping

Some of my friends who have been reading my newsletters  have been mocking me lately.  They say that my camping trip with the girls from church did not qualify as “camping”.  Well, okay, truth is  there were cabins…  ….with electricity….with running water…with a refrigerator…with a stove.  BUT I did not stay in the cabin.  I actually pitched a tent.  ( Me and a couple of other ladies looked like Dumb and Dumber doing it, but it remained standing  for at least a day and a half.)  Does it matter that I did not actually SLEEP in the tent??  That someone offered me the comfort of their RV….with electricity…with a refrigerator…with a stove…  is this something I could turn down just so I could impress you guys with my wilderness savvy?  I think not.  I built a fire, I swatted mosquitoes, I stunk.  I think these things all qualify as camping.   We did NOT have a young, handsome cabin boy.   And his name was NOT  Alejandro.  I swear.

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