The pigeon. R.I.P

So I’m driving down Warm Springs Ave. today out by the golf course, and there’s this pigeon crossing the road.  (Why it was crossing the road is a discussion we can have later.)  The bird appears to be either injured or mentally challenged, because as I approach it, it does not fly away.  So I stop. The bird is out of sight under my bumper, and I wait for it to pass.  One cannot stop indefinitely on Warm Springs Ave.  ( I know this, because I was rear-ended there many years ago.)  So I start the car up again, and thump.  Ewwww.   A glance in the rearview mirror confirms my perfect timing.  There are so many other things I would have rather run over with my right front tire…the poor pigeon wasn’t one of them.  Maybe a crow, or a peacock, or the neighbor’s stupid howling beagles.  That would have been a public service I could have been proud of. 

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