The sock mystery continued

I have gotten feedback from several of you about the great missing sock mystery.  One reader is convinced that the socks escape before they even hit the washing machine.  hmmm.  Another thinks that my socks are at her house, as she does not recognize half the mismatched socks that come out of her dryer.  She may have a point.  I have socks like that in my sock bin.  They don’t look remotely familiar.  I always assumed they were left over from some neighbor kid who spent the night…but I haven’t had neighbor kids over for years!!  My sock bin, by the way, is  a cardboard box in my laundry room that  contains the orphan socks…including many expensive Thorlo’s that I don’t dare throw away.  The day I do, the missing one is guaranteed to come hopping in like the prodigal son, expecting some big welcome home celebration.  I will then have to disappoint the poor fellow by telling him he is a sorry,useless piece of poly/cotton, that he is a day late, and that his brother is dead.  

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