Life and death

Just returned from a funeral.  My brother-in-law was killed in a snowmobile accident a week ago.  How quickly life can change. And how precious are our relationships.  The older I get, the more I realize all the different gifts people have to offer in this life.  People hear me perform, and tell me what a gift I have. I’m always pleased to share it in ways that make people’s lives happier.  But so many people have less noticeable, but much more valuable gifts to bring the world than I:    The trainer at the YMCA who has been given the gift of a healthy body and the personality to inspire others to make themselves healthier; The friend who always senses what others need, and drops what she’s doing to be there for them;  A friend who can organize things when the world seems to be falling apart;  A grown son who offers unexpected but much needed hugs to his mother.  Gifts & blessings galore.  Cherish them.

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