Growing Grass

Ha!  You thought I was going to blog about marijuana, didn’t you?  Noooo…I’m talking about my lawn!   My grass is growing already!  Darn TruGreen.  They’ve already started the first of their 2000 applications.  That was the early pre-spring application.  3 days later they were calling to tell me they were going to come out and give me the post-early-pre-spring app.  Next comes the follow-up to the post-early-pre-spring app which will prepare the lawn for the spring-to-summer-transitional app, but in the meantime, I probably need a bill bug prevention app, after the recommended aeration.  Enough already.  I don’t even want to mow!


  1. Brenda Boyle on July 30, 2011 at 1:13 am

    I did think you were going to blog about marijuana.

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