Guitar lessons in Boise

I offer excellent instruction in acoustic guitar in Boise, Idaho.  I’ve been a guitar teacher in Boise for sixteen years.  I am a female guitar teacher.  I love to help students learn their first chords and read their first notes.  I especially take pride in watching my young women students find the confidence to venture onto the stage of the male-dominated world of guitar.

I can help experienced guitarists focus on the skills they need the most.

I teach guitar accompaniment styles, finger picking, strumming, note reading, jazz chords, soloing, and theory.  AND, as a songwriter, vocalist, and performer, I often explore these topics with my students who are interested!

I teach guitar lessons in Boise in my studio near the intersection of Broadway Ave and Boise Ave.  I teach and enjoy ALL my students who range in age from 9 to 68.  I’m happy to teach guitar lessons for seniors.  I love teaching guitar lessons for girls.

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