Grandkid Sleepover

I survived the holidays which included a one-night grandkid sleepover--  four kids ages 3 to 7.  Trying to think of fun activities for them, I grabbed some chairs and blankets so they could make a fort.  So. much. crying.   They were trying to hold the blankets onto the chairs with scotch tape.  Their fort only had room for one and the ceiling kept caving in.   They needed more building materials.  I told them i had no more chairs, no more blankets.  All I had was vodka.  I told them if they really needed me, I'd be up in my room drinking.  They came up a few minutes later crying that they had done "all this hard work for nothing!"--Obviously a minipulation technique.  It worked. (I'm not heartless).  I took the three-year-old out of the equation by putting him to bed.  Things calmed down, and they managed, on their own, to build a reasonably comfortable fort that housed three (however vulnerable to the elements it may have been.)  They remained suspiciously quiet, so I checked on them.  They were snuggled in their little space, taking turns choosing videos. Bliss.

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