This is the place where I can let you know what's going on with my music, my life, or maybe share some of my random thoughts.  Oh, and I reserve the right to do a little bit of Grandma bragging!

Pool Visitors

By Patricia Daley | April 27, 2018

These are the only pool visitors willing to take a dip in the fifty degree water!

New Granddaughter!

By Patricia Daley | April 25, 2018

I met this little cutie in April.  I wish she lived closer!

Cat in the case

By Patricia Daley | March 26, 2018

Every cat-owning guitarist knows what this is about:  

I am YOUR guitar teacher!

By Patricia Daley | March 25, 2018

I am so enjoying teaching guitar to my students!  I’ve got adult students learning guitar for the very first time.  I’m also teaching adult students jazz, fingerpicking, and cool new techniques to enhance their skillset.  I’ve got senior citizens who are mostly interested in keeping their minds active and their hands busy.    I’ve got…

Sisters in Songwriting Concert

By Patricia Daley | March 23, 2018

Please add Sunday, April 8, 2018 to your calendar!  The show starts at 6 PM in the lovely Sapphire room at the Riverside Hotel.  We’ll be performing in a “songwriters in the round” format, with each songwriter taking turns sharing her original songs.  These girls have talent!  It’s a wonderful listening venue.  Drinks and dinner…

Listen to the Analog Sisters’ Demo!

By Patricia Daley | February 4, 2017

My new trio, “The Analog Sisters” (Peggy Jordan, Michelle Coleman, Patricia Folkner) have been to the studio to record a few tunes.  Enjoy! Six Foot Five–Original swing tune. (c) Peggy Jordan Something to Hold On To –  cover of a Wailing Jennys’ tune.

Guitar lessons in Boise

By Patricia Daley | February 16, 2016

I offer excellent instruction in acoustic guitar in Boise, Idaho.  I’ve been a guitar teacher in Boise for sixteen years.  I am a female guitar teacher.  I love to help students learn their first chords and read their first notes.  I especially take pride in watching my young women students find the confidence to venture onto the…

falling pants

By Patricia Daley | June 6, 2015

So, today, I was watching these two guys paint my pool deck.  Every five steps, they had to pull their pants up.  With some strange physical empathy, I kept hiking mine up as well.  Now, I am quite uncomfortable.  

Dollar store flyswatters

By Patricia Daley | August 8, 2014

Advice: Do not buy your flyswatters at the Dollar Store. I pursued a fly in my kitchen, and, after cornering it, gave it a huge, hearty *thwack*. The head of the flyswatter exploded on impact, shattering bits of plastic all over the kitchen and down the garbage disposal. The fly remains at large.

Exciting Facebook updates from family

By Patricia Daley | April 20, 2013

I have four kids in their twenties.  And what I know and see of them is on facebook: Kid #1: In a relationship.  Not in a relationship.  In a relationship.  Kid #2:  Having a root canal Kid #3:  Kid #4:  Is graduating and looking for a job, so has deleted stupid pictures on facebook I have a…

Guitar lessons in Boise

By Patricia Daley | August 21, 2012

Patricia Folkner is one of the finest guitar teachers in Boise. Patricia teaches guitar lessons in her studio in southeast Boise. She teaches guitar lessons for adults and children. All levels. Call or text 208-484-two two four two!

"Mean for Jesus"

By Patricia Daley | July 10, 2012

I watched the Chely Wright documentary, “Wish Me Away”, the other night and one of my favorite lines in the film was from a reverend who acts as a spiritual advisor to Chely.  He said “I’ve never known people meaner than those who are mean for Jesus.”  I know there are plenty of “mean for Jesus” people out…

Off to see the Wizard

By Patricia Daley | May 8, 2012

I’m back from visiting my sister in Colorado.  We went to see “Wicked” in Denver.  WOWZA!  What a production!!  It’s the life history of the Wicked Witch of the West.  She scared the bejeebers out of me when I was a kid.  But now I realize, she was just misunderstood, and I am finally free…

Debt collectors & tractors

By Patricia Daley | April 9, 2012

 For the past year or so I have been getting phone calls from a debt collector who is convinced that I am somebody with a similar name.  I had a message on the machine a while back that said that if I didn’t return their phone call they were going to come repossess all that heavy…

Guitar lessons in Boise

By Patricia Daley | March 26, 2012

I teach guitar lessons in Boise, Idaho. I have been a guitar teacher for thirteen years. I would love to teach you acoustic guitar lessons. I teach guitar to all ages and abilities. Please visit my website and click on guitar lessons for more info. I am attempting to optimize my search engine visibility…

"Porn" at the open mic

By Patricia Daley | January 11, 2012

I was down at the Pengilly’s Open Mic Night on Monday and Rebecca Scott was the host.   She announced from the stage that folks would be performing til midnight, but “please stick around because the barkeep will be pourin’ til 2 AM.”    Well, what my ears heard was that there would be “porn” til 2 AM, and I was truly frightened.  Most singer/songwriter…


By Patricia Daley | January 11, 2012

I left my purse somewhere in Bodo last Thursday evening and didn’t notice until Wednesday morning. So I spent a good deal of time Friday  making phone calls to track it down.  I ended up hoofing my way around BoDo and thankfully found it  at the second place I inquired.  I then discovered I left my…

Growing Grass

By Patricia Daley | April 15, 2011

Ha!  You thought I was going to blog about marijuana, didn’t you?  Noooo…I’m talking about my lawn!   My grass is growing already!  Darn TruGreen.  They’ve already started the first of their 2000 applications.  That was the early pre-spring application.  3 days later they were calling to tell me they were going to come out and…

Crowded Beds

By Patricia Daley | March 22, 2011

Thank you to all who expressed condolences this past week.  My sister is doing okay. She has a rather large house and it was filled with visiting relatives.  That resulted in the sleeping arrangement of me, my sister, and my mother sleeping together in a king size bed.  Luckily no one snored…but if one person…

Life and death

By Patricia Daley | March 15, 2011

Just returned from a funeral.  My brother-in-law was killed in a snowmobile accident a week ago.  How quickly life can change. And how precious are our relationships.  The older I get, the more I realize all the different gifts people have to offer in this life.  People hear me perform, and tell me what a…

Hair dryers

By Patricia Daley | March 8, 2011

This week saw the death of another hair dryer.  I don’t think I’ve ever had one go quietly.  Hair dryers really ought to be designed with some type of warning indicator of imminent breakdown, short of setting my hair on fire.  My experience is that they work until sparks start flying out the nozzle, or they…

The Cat’s nose

By Patricia Daley | February 16, 2011

What happened to my cat’s nose?  Saturday morning, my cat came up to me, and her nose was all bloody, the tip was missing, and she had a puncture wound in her face and a scratch.  The cat was INSIDE all night!!  I can not for the life of me figure out what she got…

Mental infirmity

By Patricia Daley | January 30, 2011

Okay, so today I want to talk about the plethora of little black devices that sit on my studio table.  These include: my cell phone, a calculator, a tuner, a metronome, and a stereo remote.  When the phone rings I answer the metronome.  When I need to add things, I pick up the stereo remote.  Some of you can…

Paying for groceries

By Patricia Daley | October 21, 2010

Another week, and the most exciting thing I did was get caught trying to leave Winco without paying for my groceries.  It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that this was not the first time.   At least I didn’t actually leave the store this time. A couple of years ago, I bagged up my groceries and headed right…

The sock mystery continued

By Patricia Daley | October 13, 2010

I have gotten feedback from several of you about the great missing sock mystery.  One reader is convinced that the socks escape before they even hit the washing machine.  hmmm.  Another thinks that my socks are at her house, as she does not recognize half the mismatched socks that come out of her dryer.  She…

Lost socks

By Patricia Daley | October 7, 2010

How is it possible that when I do a load of laundry…(with no children left in the home to complicate things laundrerial,) and  I take the clothes out of the dryer,  I can find exactly SEVEN of my very own socks with NO PARTNERs??  Where do they go?  Do they just not get along anymore??  Are they happier on…

The pigeon. R.I.P

By Patricia Daley | September 28, 2010

So I’m driving down Warm Springs Ave. today out by the golf course, and there’s this pigeon crossing the road.  (Why it was crossing the road is a discussion we can have later.)  The bird appears to be either injured or mentally challenged, because as I approach it, it does not fly away.  So I stop. The bird…

Davey, the Genius

By Patricia Daley | September 6, 2010

Got a visit from two of my kids this past weekend.  It’s always good to see them.  Sunday morning I found my 22 year old engineering student son standing proudly over an old broken oscillating fan that, for quite some time, has made a horrific grinding noise when turned on.  The fan was now whirring…

Flying Money

By Patricia Daley | August 23, 2010

Had a bit of an eventful night at Willowcreek Grill on Saturday!   Remember how windy it was that night?  Well, in spite of the wind, many people chose to sit on the patio because the temperature was nice, and the music was, as usual, very lovely    Right at 8:30, I wrapped up the night…

REAL camping

By Patricia Daley | August 16, 2010

Some of my friends who have been reading my newsletters  have been mocking me lately.  They say that my camping trip with the girls from church did not qualify as “camping”.  Well, okay, truth is  there were cabins…  ….with electricity….with running water…with a refrigerator…with a stove.  BUT I did not stay in the cabin.  I actually pitched…


By Patricia Daley | August 10, 2010

I’m back from church girls’ camp and  I have a tip for you guitar players out there: When you are playing your guitar around the camp fire and you can not see your songbook, do NOT strap one of those headlights on your forehead in order to see your song charts.  I had moths the size…

Smoky Mtn. & Campfire sing-alongs

By Patricia Daley | July 28, 2010

One show this week, then it’s off to Girls’ Camp in the mountains.  I am the fearless camp leader of thirteen teenage girls from church, and they will be looking to me for strength and fortitude in conquering the wilderness.  They may be sorely disappointed.  I’m afraid my only camping strength is singing around the fire.  I’m actually very good at…

Bug guts

By Patricia Daley | July 21, 2010

July 19, 2010: We had a great trip on Saturday to Sun Valley with Steve’s mom & sister. Then on Sunday we headed to Redfish Lake Lodge for the “Music from Stanley” show. So beautiful. I’m basically a city girl, but I really appreciate the beauty of nature, as long as I don’t have to…


By Patricia Daley | July 21, 2010

July 12: At Smoky Mountain, Joel and I are going to run through our set list for Music from Stanley. So you will be hearing many of my originals, which I don’t play very often. I have gotten positive feedback from other songwriters, and have decided to set aside some insecurities, and share these songs…

July 4 in San Diego

By Patricia Daley | July 21, 2010

Went to a Padres game today, and they won in the ninth inning when Tony Gwynn hit a grounder over 2nd base with bases loaded. I actually payed attention for the whole game! Most of my time is usually spent people-watching, bathroom- visiting, and twizzler-eating. We’ve got the whole family together, and before the third…

Adoring husbands

By Patricia Daley | July 21, 2010

June 28, 2010: I had a great weekend! Friday I got to listen to some great “Jazz at the River” in Eagle. Wow, those cats can play! I wanna be a jazz musician when I grow up. On Saturday, I had a fun time playing at a wedding. The weather was beautiful. I got to…

Songwriters' nights

By Patricia Daley | March 24, 2010

I’ve been attending monthly songwriters’ showcases hosted by Steve Eaton for the last few months.   I had no idea there were so many talented writers right here in Boise.  What a treat to hear how they blend their melodies, chords and lyrics.   You would think all good songs would have already been written by now,…

2009: A summary

By Patricia Daley | January 2, 2010

Another year has passed.  Highlights for me include My two missionaries returning home, Lauren & David My daughters graduation and first teaching job! My son graduating from college and getting some job offers! My CD was released, and website was created.  Pretty busy gigging schedule.    I was able to share my music with more people…

About "Spent Yesterday"–the CD

By Patricia Daley | July 7, 2009

Here is some info about the CD.  All songs were performed, recorded, and mixed by me.  Other musicians as noted:  Joel Kaserman: mandolin on Welcome to the Club.  Electric guitar on Spent Yesterday.  Mary Ellen Davis: flute on If There’s Sunshine in Your Heart.  Lauren Folkner: violins on Spent Yesterday. Melissa Smith, Mo Kelly, Niccole…

Recommended jazz CD's:

By Patricia Daley | June 14, 2009

As you can see, I’ve become a big Cedar Walton fan. Another new purchase I made was

Check out Pat's video

By Patricia Daley | June 7, 2009

I’m playing “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” on my Santa Cruz.